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JUST LANDED! PLASTIQUE's "Wear The Change" S/S Brand Campaign Launch - PLASTIQUE By Siân

JUST LANDED! PLASTIQUE's "Wear The Change" S/S Brand Campaign Launch

Embark on a vibrant journey with PLASTIQUE By Siân's "Wear The Change" Spring/ Summer Jewellery Collection, a celebration of sustainable style and positive vibes.

Founder Sian Dorman collaborated with Candler Creative Community, orchestrating a visual feast released on March 1st, 2024. This campaign is a kaleidoscope of colour, featuring four individuals as the embodiment of you, our incredible customers. Photographed at the Peanut Factory Photographic Studio in hackney, each shot bursts with bold and bright hues. Styled in electric blues, oranges, greens, pinks, and more, our models embody the essence of the PLASTIQUE brand.

Sandy, Jay, Chris, and Filipe, each representing unique elements of our customer base, exude confidence and joy in every frame. The campaign captures the spirit that PLASTIQUE wearers feel — happiness, community, and positivity.

Each piece tells a story of transformation from waste to wearable art, symbolising a commitment to environmental improvement. The photos, expertly shot and edited by Dan Candler, blend the colours and patterns from our jewellery, creating a visual coherence that resonates with the ethos of PLASTIQUE By Siân.

Elevate your style, embrace sustainability, and join the PLASTIQUE Tribe 🌈✨ #PLASTIQUE #PLASTIQUEbysian #SustainableJoy #WearTheChange #plastiqueSpringSummerCollection #ss2024 

 Brand Campaign Credits:

Designer: Siân Dorman

Brand: PLASTIQUE By Siân

Art Director: Candler Creative Community

Creative Director/ Photographer: Dan Candler

Videographer: Lana Nemchenko

Stylist: Marcolino Barboza Neto

Makeup Artist: Andrea Leyva Carreño

Makeup Artist Assistant: Esra Kurul

Assistant: Annarita Melina 


Sandy Dhaliwal

Felipe Chavez

Jay Yule

Christopher Barton 

Studio Location:

Peanut Factory Photographic Studio, Hackney