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  • "I bought two beautiful pieces of art work by Siân a while back now that showcase a consciousness to re-use, create work with meaning and intention and I love them very much."


  • "Incredible Sustainable Art! I came home with two beautiful original pieces of art for my home, made of layered hand-dyed silks and ribbons, with the theme of nature taking back over its environment. The colours and layering evoked an association with nature before I even knew the theme! I also came home with a really special pair of earrings made of upcycled waste plastic that are green (my favourite colour) and shiny. I can't believe they were once plastic bags/materials, and through upcycling the material they are saved from going to landfill. I really love the ethos behind this brand, raising awareness of reducing and reusing our waste consumption, with such high quality, one of a kind, pieces!"

    Hailey Holl-Valdez

  • "Fantastic brand friendly service beautiful products and sustainable/ethical. Super creative with each piece being bespoke and unique. They make awesome gifts👌"

    Juliette Stuart

  • "Love this piece of Art made with recycled plastic. Lovely bright colours and I see different images each time I look at it. It is displayed on my special Art Wall together with other creatives work and brightens up a dark corner."

    Anne Dorman

  • "I’ve followed Sian’s journey as an artist for many years. I attended a Halloween/Autumnal themed exhibition she was part of a while back and fell in love with her “little horrors” - sculptures made of natural bits & pieces she’d found outside, that became figures/creatures with such quirky personality. I’ve always remembered that work and was so excited to purchase this little horror sketch to add to my art collection. I love the way it brings natural forms into my home space and the monochrome helps the character of the little horror come out even more!!"


  • "Sian made a huge commission for me. I absolutely love the piece and everyone comments on it when they come round. The use of plastics and re-use and recycling is so clever and the end results are so stunning. Very exciting to see what Sian creates next! If you’re interested in the work I would definitely recommend having a chat with her to see what she can create for you!"

    Matt Richards

  • "I bought a piece of art by Sian for one of my best mates as a moving in present - she loved it!"

    Joseph Henry