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Upcycled Plastic: 'The Everyday'

  1. S Purple and blue earrings - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  2. Lime green, blue, pink, Orange and black triangular Earrings - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  3. Tiny green and yellow folded loop Earrings - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  4. Red Medium long stitched stick shaped Earrings - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  5. Tiny Purple Hama Earrings - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  6. Medium pink and green earrings with pink foiling - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  7. Small electric blue textured folded earrings - PLASTIQUE By Siân
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  9. Small soft folded metallic foiled Blue Earrings - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  10. Tiny pearlescent blue and metallic silver long thin drop earrings - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  11. Small black and blue on white long thin bottle earrings - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  12. Medium red and green earrings - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  13. Small dangly drop earrings in green, yellow, pink and blue - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  14. Small thin dangly drop earrings in yellow and blue - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  15. Medium triangle earrings in orange, and blue - PLASTIQUE By Siân
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  17. M Red and black hama earrings - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  18. Tiny navy square foiled on red earrings - PLASTIQUE By Siân


  • "I hired jewellery from Sian at Christmas for a photoshoot with my community and the process was amazing, such great communication/ really reliable and the jewellery was beautiful to work with. I would definitely recommend either hiring but most importantly purchasing Sian's stunning jewellery for the quality and love that goes in to creating these stunning pieces of art."

    Dan Candler, United Kingdom

  • "I have a gorgeous artwork by Sian on my wall and some great earrings! Sian has such a creative eye seeing beauty in discarded plastic from everyday packaging and making unique pieces plus she's really friendly and approachable"

    Sophie Griffiths, London

  • "What an amazing brand and brand owner! I’m in love with the colours and designs and also message of the brand! Being an artist myself it’s so great to see someone else thrive in their Art and inspiring so many people! I especially love the earrings! And since I love colourful clothes and patterns anyway they match with pretty everything I own!"

    Joko Magic, Switzerland

  • "I find the approach and ideas to be very creative and unique! I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the products and would definitely consider purchasing more items in the future!"

    Luba Hilman, London

  • "Beautiful earrings, so creative and uniquely made, I love them!"

    Rinita Chakrapani, USA

  • "Sian designed the most gorgeous pair of earrings bespoke to my personality. She is incredibly professional and highly attentive to her customers requests. Will be buying from her again and again."

    Nikki Ditrolio

  • "Earrings for National TV Awards Show I had an outfit ready for the National TV Awards Show and since attending one of Siân's workshops in the past, I began wearing earrings again, so I decided last minute I wanted to get some unique earrings! I had the colours blue and black in mind but Siân went that extra mile to help choose the earrings she thought went best with my dress and adding a pop of colour, we went with a lovely blue with pink earrings and they are lovely! Siân's studio is close by so I opted to pick them up, meeting Siân again was lovely and seeing her studio too. I always look forward to making earrings and buying unique earrings. They went amazing with my dress!"

    Mellie Poole, Enfield

  • "Beautiful jewellery and fantastic customer service! After discovering Siân and her work at Ally Pally a few weeks ago, I've now ordered four pairs of Plastique earrings as gifts for friends and family (and they've all gone down extremely well!). They are beautiful pieces of jewellery in their own right, so the fact that they are designed and produced with sustainability in mind just seems like a wonderful bonus! Siân is warm and friendly with an infectious enthusiasm for what she does. She goes out of her way to deliver a truly personal service - including delivering in person to those who live nearby. I'll definitely be ordering from Siân again!"

    Rachel Boxall, South London