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Meet Our Founder! - PLASTIQUE By Siân

Meet Our Founder!

Meet Siân Dorman, the creative mind behind PLASTIQUÉ By Siân. Born and raised in London, Siân has always been passionate about sustainability and creativity. Her journey to creating eco-friendly jewellery started during her studies at the University of Arts London, where she earned a first-class honors degree in Textile Design. After graduation, Siân started her first sustainable fashion label 'Siân Dorman Creations, a wearable art and costume brand, which allowed her to refine her skills and techniques in using upcycled materials.

"With PLASTIQUÉ By Siân, I continue my sustainable journey in a slightly different way through the of creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewellery and original art pieces using single-use waste plastic. My work is a celebration of colour, texture, and pattern, and is ironically inspired by the natural world. And I thoroughly believe that fashion can be sustainable without compromising style and individuality.

As an experienced educator, I also offers upcycling workshops for people of all ages and abilities, including those with special educational and disability needs. These workshops are an opportunity to learn new skills, embrace sustainability, and create something beautiful."

Siân is committed to sustainability in all aspects of her business. From the materials she uses to the packaging and delivery, every detail is carefully considered to minimise the environmental impact. By choosing PLASTIQUÉ, you are supporting a brand that is dedicated to making the world a better place, one piece of jewellery at a time.