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  1. You Lift My Heart - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  2. You Inflate My Heart - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  3. You & I - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  4. With Love - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  5. Two Peas In A Pod - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  6. Two Hearts - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  7. This Ones For The Creatives - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  8. The Art of Love - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  9. Textured Love - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  10. Sky High - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  11. Simple Love - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  12. Shadow My Love - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  13. Pure Love - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  14. Pure - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  15. Play on My Heart - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  16. Pea's In a Pod - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  17. On Top Of Your Love - PLASTIQUE By Siân
  18. On My Mind - PLASTIQUE By Siân


  • "Sian designed the most gorgeous pair of earrings bespoke to my personality. She is incredibly professional and highly attentive to her customers requests. Will be buying from her again and again."

    Nikki Ditrolio

  • "Earrings for National TV Awards Show I had an outfit ready for the National TV Awards Show and since attending one of Siân's workshops in the past, I began wearing earrings again, so I decided last minute I wanted to get some unique earrings! I had the colours blue and black in mind but Siân went that extra mile to help choose the earrings she thought went best with my dress and adding a pop of colour, we went with a lovely blue with pink earrings and they are lovely! Siân's studio is close by so I opted to pick them up, meeting Siân again was lovely and seeing her studio too. I always look forward to making earrings and buying unique earrings. They went amazing with my dress!"

    Mellie Poole

  • "Beautiful jewellery and fantastic customer service After discovering Siân and her work at Ally Pally a few weeks ago, I've now ordered four pairs of Plastique earrings as gifts for friends and family (and they've all gone down extremely well!). They are beautiful pieces of jewellery in their own right, so the fact that they are designed and produced with sustainability in mind just seems like a wonderful bonus! Siân is warm and friendly with an infectious enthusiasm for what she does. She goes out of her way to deliver a truly personal service - including delivering in person to those who live nearby. I'll definitely be ordering from Siân again!"

    Rachel Boxall

  • "Cool earrings and an Oyster card holder I bought some ‘A’ earrings and an Oyster card holder from Siân at the Visionnaires pop up market in Tottenham. I’ve had so many compliments from people about my earrings, absolutely love them! Thanks Siân!"

    Amanda Dickens

  • "Love her handmade jewellery and the positive impact on the planet and community I visited Siân at her market stall in Alexandra Palace a couple weeks ago and purchased my second-ever pair of her earrings. I've been following Siân's career and when she launched PLASTIQUÉ By Siân, I was so excited because not only do I LOVE her earrings, which are bright, bold and colourful, but all her creations are upcycled from waste materials like plastic, which makes me feel like I'm doing my bit to prevent waste being dumped in landfills and having an positive impact on our beautiful planet."

    Kate Pym

  • "Incredible Sustainable Art I came home with two beautiful original pieces of art for my home, made of layered hand-dyed silks and ribbons, with the theme of nature taking back over its environment. The colours and layering evoked an association with nature before I even knew the theme! I also came home with a really special pair of earrings made of upcycled waste plastic that are green (my favourite colour) and shiny. I can't believe they were once plastic bags/materials, and through upcycling the material they are saved from going to landfill. I really love the ethos behind this brand, raising awareness of reducing and reusing our waste consumption, with such high quality, one of a kind, pieces!"

    Hailey Holl-Valdez

  • "Earrings to wear on all occasions! I initially bought these earrings for my birthday to match my gold dress and I love them! Great value for money and they are cute that I can also wear them to work and dinner parties. Thank you so much for your quick delivery. I am looking to buy more in the future"

    Che Wheatley

  • "I bought two beautiful pieces of art work by Siân a while back now that showcase a consciousness to re-use, create work with meaning and intention and I love them very much."


  • "Have a gorgeous artwork by Sian on my wall and some great earrings! Sian has such a creative eye seeing beauty in discarded plastic from everyday packaging and making unique pieces plus she's really friendly and approachable"

    Sophie Griffiths